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Jozefien Daelemans

Jozefien is a creative publisher and writer. She works as Coördinator Talent Development at deBuren and is a freelance writer/researcher for production agencies. Together with creative writer Dalilla Hermans she hosts the podcast Keihard.

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Jozefien Daelemans and Dalilla Hermans are both writers, mothers and ‘girls from the Kempen’. Together they’ve been through a lot, on stage and behind the scenes of the media, in their activism and in their friendship. Their podcast Keihard is a series of conversations, in which they can be 100% themselves, and talk about what keeps them up at night. Unfiltered. Unapologetically.


Jozefien was a regular columnist at De Standaard from 2020 untill the end of 2021. Her columns were published biweekly on Wednesday.


The Great Gender Show

At the request of the center for gender and feminism RoSa vzw, production house Poolhert made an educational video about ‘gender for dummies’. The format was an online talk show, a mix of youngsters and boomers talking about the impact of gender on our society. Several experts explained the basic concepts and frequently asked questions. Jaouad Alloul was the host for this project. Jozefien was involved as editor-in-chief. Watch the Big Gender Show!


The New Normal!

In November 2020, production company Sjamaan launched a new online talk show in co-production with the Arenberg theater and Undefined called: ¿The New Normal !, today’s conversations about tomorrow. Host Jaouad Alloul talks with 10 guests about topics as women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, the gender spectrum, mental well-being, the perception of religion and belief, LGBTQI + rights and the alarming state of the climate.

Jozefien was involved in the project as an editor and researcher to select the guests and ask them the right questions.

Jaouad Alloul

‘De Naakte Waarheid’ is for sale in bookstores and on Bol.com


The Naked Thruth

Having a female body, it’s a challenge: you should always be thin, body hair is a no go and everybody has an opinion on what you’re wearing.

In her book Jozefien discusses with candor and whit what it’s like to be a woman. From personal stories to research, history and references from pop culture, she tries to answers questions like: Why do we praise motherhood, but do we feel the need to hide or mom bods? Why should our legs look like hotdogs? And is the thick booty trend really emancipating? You’ll find out in ‘The Naked Truth’.

‘The Naked Truth, undressing body bullshit’ was published in September 2019 by Horizon.

What others say about the book

  • I love how history, personal stories and empowerment alternate and form a coherent and easy to read story. I’m a fan!

    Eva Mouton
    Illustrator and Cartoonist
  • Read the book ‘The Naked Truth’ by Jozefien Daelemans and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. About women and their appearance and the – almost – universal selfhate for our bodies.

    Ann-Marie Cordia
    De Morgen
  • This book that could have saved me a lot of energie and brainpower, had I read it when I was 16 – or even 25.

    Annelies Moons
    Culture Club, Buchbar
  • This book should be on the required reading list of every young woman.

    Friedl’ Lesage
    Radio 1
Online Magazine

Charlie Magazine

In 2014 Jozefien founded Charlie Magazine, an online and print magazine that explored dynamic social issues such as gender equality, racism and body image.

As an art director she implemented her vision on realistic role models and managed a team of designers, photographers and illustrators. As Editor in Chief she mentored authors and journalists, making their editorial office an incubator for young talent and content creators.

Charlie Magazine triggered social debate via online reports, videos and events and more than once delivered the conversation of the day in the press. Unique to Charlie was the vibrant online community of readers and makers who formed the beating heart of the media brand.

At the end of 2019 the team had to close down the magazine, but the site is still online. It’s a portfolio of the people who made their voice heard in the Flemish media landscape and unmistakably left their mark on it.

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Jozefien offers consultancy about inclusive communication and representation to various companies and organisations (eg. VRT, Telenet, Decathlon, Colruyt Group, Chase, Eyeworks…).

She contributed to the charter ‘Unstereotype Communication’ that UBA launched in 2019 and has since been signed by several companies. She gave lectures and moderated debates on representation in media, gender equality and online hate speech for VRT, deBuren, Festival van de Gelijkheid, deSingel, Sensoa, UGent, Mooov Filmfestival and Cinema Zed.

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